Comparing only files btw ....

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Comparing only files btw ....

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Given a folder with n subfolders. They're all jpgs and i'm searching on file content only ignoring all tags, metadata, filenames, etc. Often a few pics within a subfolder are very similar (taken a split second apart). I'm not interested in finding those 'dupes'.

I'm interested in dupes between diff subfolders. IOW, if i have a pic (possibly with a different name, date (any date field)) in diff subfolders, 1 want to flag them because it means one (or more) copies were likely filed incorrectly.

So basically, i want to compare file in subfolder 1 with files in subfolder 2:n. Then subfolder 2 with 1, 3:n, etc

i may missing it, but i don't see a way to do that because the 2 sources are the same - soft of.

if it matters, I'm using SHA-1 as a comparison method.

Possible? thx
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Re: Comparing only files btw ....

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First you should start a search between folder 1 & 2.
Then a search between folder 2 & 3.
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